Wednesday, May 5, 2010

21 Day Challenge Update

It has been 7 days since I started the challenge and I think I am doing rather well!

1. Exercise = 30 minutes a day – I got in my 30 minutes of execise every day, even though Saturday and Sunday it was in the form of moving items to to and from for a spaghetti dinner! I still think it counts!!

2. Sleep = Be in bed by 10 PM every night – I should have specified week nights Sunday - Thursday on this one. That is what I meant and I did this on all of those days.

3. Park further away from the location I am going to – Unless raining – I think I did pretty well. Some places I could have probably parked FURTHER away, but has been a good start!!

4. Track Calories AS I eat them every day – This is the hardest, because when it comes to food I haven’t have the exact calories on and isn’t easy to out in the phone I forget, but I have been keep track.

I really like this challenge, it makes you think about the smaller things…and when I don’t want to do something I think but I think about the challenge.

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