Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speedy Sneakers

I finally took the step yesterday and joined a local women’s walking/running club, Speedy Sneakers. They meet twice a week on Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings. I have been looking at it for awhile, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to join. It’s $55 for a year membership, which includes a shirt and discounts at some local places. They have speakers come in on occasion also.

Of course, I was a little nervous last night. I hadn’t registered early enough to get an e-mail from the leader so I just went to the park looking for people, lucky for me someone was wearing their shirt! Then I was afraid I would be the slowest person by A LOT. I ended up meeting 4 women when I got there, 1 runner, 2 power walkers, and 1 walker. I walked with the one “normal” walker and I kept up!

We got part of the way around the path and she said that we could go back or keep going, but there was no turning back once we started. I was feeling pretty good at this point so we kept going. I think she was thinking I was going to say let’s go back to the car and was a little sad when I said let’s keep going. But she kept going with me. We met up with another woman and her 9 year old daughter while out on that path, which slowed down the pace a little, but I think we still did pretty good.

I was glad that I went and signed up! So now on Tuesday nights I will be out walking around 3 miles. Sad, but having a semi-commitment will make me actually go DO it.

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