Sunday, May 9, 2010

2nd 5K

I did my second 5K yesterday Spring For The Need, my first one where I was really trying. My last one I finished in JUST under an hour and I wanted to take a couple of minutes off on that time.

I almost didn’t go. It was cold, windy, and looked like it might rain. But I had signed up for it, I had said I was going to do it so off I went.

It was another small 5K, smaller than the first one, 38 people finished. (I think they had more volunteers than participants!) They said they would start walkers 15 minutes after the runner, but with the turn out they started us about 2 minutes after the runners. I started off pretty good, then I got passed by the last two people. One of the ladies had said she wanted to finish with an 18 minute, so I thought good I will try to keep up with her. THAT didn’t go so well, the people who looked like they would just be normally walking got further and further away. I decided to try jogging for 30-60 seconds….I didn’t even know if my body COULD jog! But it could. I ended up going back and forth with the couple that was near me, they would slow down and I would pass them, then they would pass me. I started talking to them some. We got to where we could see the finish line….I was the sign and said I needed to make it in under 3 minutes to get the time I wanted and the woman said lets go, we can do it. It was great, she was SO nice. We jogged a little and then walked, and then we jogged again. I was SOOO thankful for her, it was nice to have someone to encourage me and be nice about it. She had checked on me a few times, and for some reason I didn’t take it as a hey fat girl you think you are going to live, it just felt like she was being nice and making sure I got lost.

So the time they have me listed as is 55:36, but someone said that the time hadn’t been changed for the fact that we started late so I am not sure. My phone had me at 54 something and I didn’t stop it for a little bit after we finished. I have e-mailed to see if they can double check for me. Either way that is over 4 minutes off my first one!!! And I jogged about 6 times, not much but it’s a start!!!

And then I headed off to an overnight at COSI with my Brownie Troop, home this afternoon quick enough to shower and leave to meet the parents for lunch! Nap this afternoon now trying to catch up on stuff and get ready for another week!!!

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