Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenges #2

Yesterday they announced the challenges for week two of the Shrinkvivor contest.

Fitness Challenge – Keep track of minutes of exercise. I like this one! With miles it was hard because I am a rather slow walker, and some days I didn’t get home to walk while it was light out, and I am not prepared to walk in the dark yet. So minutes will be nice because I can do the Wii if it is dark or rainy. And my walking won’t seem as pathetic!

So here is my plan.
Thursday - 30 Minutes of Wii
Friday - 1 hour walking
Saturday - 1 hour walking
Sunday - 3 hours walking
Monday - 30 minutes of Wii
Tuesday - 1 hour walking, 30 Minuets of Wii

Non-Fitness Challenge – To not go through the Drive Thru. Another one of my major problems! I forget my lunch, or decide I don’t want it so I go at lunch. I have a meeting or something after work so I just stop and pick something up in the evenings. This will be a good one for me to focus on this week. I will say that I am making an exception for my Diet Coke on Saturday and on Monday. I have been wanting my Mickey D’s Diet Coke ALL week but have been waiting to pick one up on my way to a party on Saturday night.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrinkvivor Week #2 Weigh In

Current Weight: 271.2 lbs
Previous Weight: 269.4 lbs
Weight loss: +1.8 lbs
Week one of the challenge is done, and I didn’t do to spiffy L

I didn’t do a GREAT job of tracking what I ate, and my water intake was only so-so, but I wasn’t expecting a gain that is for sure!

As I told the members of my Tribe, I am not going to let that number get me down. I will do better this week and re-focus.

Last week the Physical Challenge was miles – how many you could walk/run. So for me that was walking – and I think I did pretty good. Of course not I can’t remember what I actually came up with as the total. More than I have done in the last few weeks combined though I think!!

The Non-Physical was drinking half your weight in ounces of water. As I mentioned earlier I didn’t do so good at that one! I am really bad on the weekends and then I have been crazy busy at work, so I forget to drink!

Here is to a better week!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

Current Weight: 269.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -34.2 lbs

I weighed in today for the start of the challenge, now to start seeing that number going down again!!

So here are my goals for the week –
*Not eat fast food
*Drink 64 ounces of water a day at LEAST
*Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day
*Track what I eat (even if I don’t know the calories, TRACK IT)

I am going tonight to look at new walking shoes. I have A LOT of miles to put on them in the next 40 days!! I have been putting it off, but tonight is the night.

I also am planning to walk 4 miles tonight, I keep stopping at 3, so I am going to try a different location to see if mixing it up helps. I sure hope so!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello again!

I have joined the Shrinkvivor Challenge on Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I am part of the PINK Tribe! I have done a few of these challenges, but haven’t really GOT into them before, but I think this one will be different. I am ready to FOCUS again, I have scales at home so I can do the Wednesday weigh in that they do instead of my Thursday night.

So far the “tribe” seems to be chatty and into it, and THAT is what I need. I need some kinda of motivation/support. So I hope to not only get back on track back to also meet some new on-line friends. I feed off of people in all parts of my life, so I am hoping that I can make some connections.

So tomorrow morning will be my start for this challenge. I will have to face the number and move on from there!

Good Luck PINK Tribe!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2nd 5K

I did my second 5K yesterday Spring For The Need, my first one where I was really trying. My last one I finished in JUST under an hour and I wanted to take a couple of minutes off on that time.

I almost didn’t go. It was cold, windy, and looked like it might rain. But I had signed up for it, I had said I was going to do it so off I went.

It was another small 5K, smaller than the first one, 38 people finished. (I think they had more volunteers than participants!) They said they would start walkers 15 minutes after the runner, but with the turn out they started us about 2 minutes after the runners. I started off pretty good, then I got passed by the last two people. One of the ladies had said she wanted to finish with an 18 minute, so I thought good I will try to keep up with her. THAT didn’t go so well, the people who looked like they would just be normally walking got further and further away. I decided to try jogging for 30-60 seconds….I didn’t even know if my body COULD jog! But it could. I ended up going back and forth with the couple that was near me, they would slow down and I would pass them, then they would pass me. I started talking to them some. We got to where we could see the finish line….I was the sign and said I needed to make it in under 3 minutes to get the time I wanted and the woman said lets go, we can do it. It was great, she was SO nice. We jogged a little and then walked, and then we jogged again. I was SOOO thankful for her, it was nice to have someone to encourage me and be nice about it. She had checked on me a few times, and for some reason I didn’t take it as a hey fat girl you think you are going to live, it just felt like she was being nice and making sure I got lost.

So the time they have me listed as is 55:36, but someone said that the time hadn’t been changed for the fact that we started late so I am not sure. My phone had me at 54 something and I didn’t stop it for a little bit after we finished. I have e-mailed to see if they can double check for me. Either way that is over 4 minutes off my first one!!! And I jogged about 6 times, not much but it’s a start!!!

And then I headed off to an overnight at COSI with my Brownie Troop, home this afternoon quick enough to shower and leave to meet the parents for lunch! Nap this afternoon now trying to catch up on stuff and get ready for another week!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Current Weight: 267.6 lbs
Previous Weight: 268.6 lbs
Weight loss: 1 lb
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -36 lbs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

21 Day Challenge Update

It has been 7 days since I started the challenge and I think I am doing rather well!

1. Exercise = 30 minutes a day – I got in my 30 minutes of execise every day, even though Saturday and Sunday it was in the form of moving items to to and from for a spaghetti dinner! I still think it counts!!

2. Sleep = Be in bed by 10 PM every night – I should have specified week nights Sunday - Thursday on this one. That is what I meant and I did this on all of those days.

3. Park further away from the location I am going to – Unless raining – I think I did pretty well. Some places I could have probably parked FURTHER away, but has been a good start!!

4. Track Calories AS I eat them every day – This is the hardest, because when it comes to food I haven’t have the exact calories on and isn’t easy to out in the phone I forget, but I have been keep track.

I really like this challenge, it makes you think about the smaller things…and when I don’t want to do something I think but I think about the challenge.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speedy Sneakers

I finally took the step yesterday and joined a local women’s walking/running club, Speedy Sneakers. They meet twice a week on Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings. I have been looking at it for awhile, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to join. It’s $55 for a year membership, which includes a shirt and discounts at some local places. They have speakers come in on occasion also.

Of course, I was a little nervous last night. I hadn’t registered early enough to get an e-mail from the leader so I just went to the park looking for people, lucky for me someone was wearing their shirt! Then I was afraid I would be the slowest person by A LOT. I ended up meeting 4 women when I got there, 1 runner, 2 power walkers, and 1 walker. I walked with the one “normal” walker and I kept up!

We got part of the way around the path and she said that we could go back or keep going, but there was no turning back once we started. I was feeling pretty good at this point so we kept going. I think she was thinking I was going to say let’s go back to the car and was a little sad when I said let’s keep going. But she kept going with me. We met up with another woman and her 9 year old daughter while out on that path, which slowed down the pace a little, but I think we still did pretty good.

I was glad that I went and signed up! So now on Tuesday nights I will be out walking around 3 miles. Sad, but having a semi-commitment will make me actually go DO it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Current Weight: 268.6 lbs
Previous Weight: 269.0 lbs
Weight loss: -.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -35 lbs

.4 isn’t a lot, but I will take it!!! I am hoping that starting the 21 day challenge yesterday will help.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 21 Day Challenge

I have been a member of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for a few months now, but haven't been very active and I am trying to fix that.

They have different challenges every few weeks/months, I have tried to do these in the past and not done the best, but I think I REALLY want to give this one a try.
It is only 3 weeks, 21 days – because ‘it takes 21 days to form a new habit’.

So I am picking 4 things do to for 21 days to form a new habit. It would be easy to pick something like drink water since I am now in the habit of that, but I am going to pick 4 things that I think will help me.

This actually fits in perfectly to my thoughts of recently. I watch the show Ruby and one of the things that they had her do 3 few things to mix it up. So I had been “trying” to do that, and thinking about it. But now I will be a little more accountable!

So here are the 4 things that I am going to work on –
1. Exercise = 30 minutes a day
2. Sleep = Be in bed by 10 PM every night
3. Park further away from the location I am going to (unless it is raining – I am a wimp!)
4. Track calories AS I eat them every day – I have been trying this, but need to do better!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan Week 2

My first week of planning a meal plan for the week and NOT eating out for dinner went fairly well. We didn’t stick to what we had planned every night, but we did eat MOST of the things on the list and didn’t eat out Sunday - Friday for dinner! That might not sound like much for some people but for us (ME) it is!! Normally I pick up pizza every Wednesday evening, and we end up going out at least one other night. If I don’t have plans and ideas of what to make it is all to overwhelming to me so I just order/go out.

Tuesday evening I did end up going to meeting that had appetizers and desserts. I ate a little before I went and tried to limit what I ate while there. These kind of things pop up frequently for me, so I just have to do the best I can and move on.

So this week I have planned the following -
Monday - Wendy’s most likely - I go straight to a meeting and don’t get home til almost 9 PM
Tuesday - Chicken Parm
Wednesday - Taco’s
Thursday - Brats
Friday - Lasagna
Saturday - Going out, I won’t be in town
Sunday – Pizza

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Current Weight: 269.0 lbs
Previous Weight: 271.2 lbs
Weight loss: -2.2 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -34.6 lbs

Yeah! I finally broke out of the 270’s! I have been hanging out there for way toooo long, MONTHS!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Menu Plan

I was VERY happy that I lost 5 pounds at weigh in last night. I KNOW that isn’t normal for me, but with the big gain the week before it was much appreciated!!!

Now to keep moving in that direction to get out of the 270’s, where I have been hanging out for too long!

One thing that I know helped me in the last week was not eating out as much. So I am currently working on a menu for the week. I am not going to say these are the healthiest foods, but it is a start.

Monday - BBQ Chicken Pizza
Tuesday – Grilled Chicken
Wednesday - Beef Sandwiches
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - Lasagna
Saturday - Brats
Sunday - Chicken Parm

Now I need to see what all we have, what we need and head to the store to get everything. I think my Sunday if going to be busy!!!

I just did something SO unlike me – I turned down the chance to go in on pizza for lunch. Yes I want pizza, but I am supposed to be going out this evening and I know I will want to eat some foods there and I think it will be mostly appetizery stuff. So I will pass on the pizza, especially since we didn’t find anyone to pay for it for us. I don’t feel the need to spend $7 AND all the calories on it. I know, that is bad, but it is what it is.

For me it is the SMALL things like that I have to do to get me through the day.

So I will go eat my food that I had packed and I’ll be good with it!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


To say the least I was rather shocked again this week, but in a GOOD way this week!!!


Current Weight: 276.2 lbs
Previous Weight: 271.2 lbs
Weight loss: -5 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -32.4 lbs

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a great night!!

I went to my water aerobics class, even after I tried to talk myself out of going! And I had a pretty good class, I was able to easily do something that is normally really hard for me! I even asked if I was doing it right because it seemed to be going well. The instructor watched and said I was, and that my 6 months of work was paying off. I was soooo happy!

Then I went home and DIDN’T pick up pizza on the way home. Go Me! I picked up the hubby and we picked up dinner and then went to the park, well his version of the park. It is a bunch of fields but got to see some baby field mice, tadpoles, frogs, and DEER!! Like 10 of them, 3 groups of them, it was fun to watch them run around and play!! We unfortunately also saw TICKS, ICK!!! So that kind of freaked me out.

On the way home hubby decided he was hungry and wanted Italian Ice. I was proud of myself, I got a kiddie sugar free cherry! I was a little hungry and it sounded good so I wanted something, but didn’t want to goal over my set calorie intake for the day. I was surprised that it was actually pretty good!!

Now I am home and SLEEPY!!!


Where to start? Between being away from the computer for a few days and my HORRIBLE weigh in last week I have been slacking here!

Last Thursday was my weigh in. It was awful - I gained over 3 pounds. I haven't put the update up yet because I didn't write it down and only remember that it was over 3 pounds. I will get the correct weight tomorrow and update both weeks. I was mad, sad, surprised, and I am sure many more emotions. I went home for the first time since I started going to TOPS last August. I was surprised with how MUCH I gained, I could see gaining SOME, but I don't think that ate that bad. Maybe a week of NOT tracking what I ate wasn't a good idea?!?!

On Friday I went to the Dr. for my leg pain. I had tried things I had seen on-line and still hurt when I would walk for any distance with any speed. I was a little disappointed in what he did. Pretty much he looked at it, felt it and then gave me a prescription for Naproxen and a sheet of exercises and sent me on my way. I know I'm not the Dr. but I guess I thought he would do a little more.

Then I headed to my parents for the weekend. My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came up for a funeral for my sister-in-laws grandfather and they extended his leave. So I went to see them, it was great to see my niece!! I miss her so much since the moved!!!

I did pretty good for a weekend of not much structure and visiting my parents. But I did keep track of what I ate, which made me not eat that extra brownie I wanted!!!

I started taking the pills the Dr. gave me at lunch yesterday. Last night I did the exercises/stretches that he gave me and went out for a short 30 minute walk. (It was getting cold!!) Normally in that time frame it would have been KILLING me - but last night it didn't. I had a few dull pains every now and then but not like before. So we will see if this is helping, I won't say after one time that I am all better. But it is a GREAT start!!

I also decided to give the Wii a try again last night after almost a week off. It went pretty well but I was having some technical difficulties so I stopped ¾ of the way through it. We are going to work on it tonight and see if we can get it to work better. It doesn't register some of my stuff and I can't figure out why, but to say the least last night was not the night to try and figure it out!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010



Current Weight: 276.2 lbs
Previous Weight: 283 lbs
Weight loss: +3.2 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -27.4 lbs

Day 2

I did it!!! I did more than Day 1 AND I did all of the activities!

I liked MOST of Day 2 better than Day 2. I did have problems with the butt kick things when they wanted me to go fast. My body was hurting and I could barely do them slow let alone fast. But I tired!

I was relieved at the end when I saw that today was a day off, I thought it was 30 days straight so I am happy for the break. I have water aerobics tonight anyways so I wasn’t looking forward to going home and then trying do to another exercise.

I finally called the Dr. today and made an appt for Friday to see what he thinks about my leg pain. I have had it for years and I am not sure how I will manage 13 or 26 miles if it keeps up. So hopefully he will be able to help me figure out what the deal with it is.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My legs feel like JELLO this morning. I did Day 1 of the EA Active 30 day challenge last night and it killed me. I will be honest, I skipped one of the workouts the second time. I don’t like the inline skating one at all, the first time all they could say was how I needed to get stronger legs. It was the second to last workout in the series last night and I skipped it that time, I wanted to just turn it off, but I didn’t. So while it wasn’t a TOTAL victory I will take it! I was hot and sweaty and thought I was going to die. Then I thought I was going to have to sleep in the chair again because I didn’t think my legs would get me up the stairs, they didn’t hurt, they felt all shaky!

Now to make myself do it again tonight – I don’t like that it tells you what you will work on the next day. More squats, REALLY!?!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Blah's

I am so tired today, worse than a normal Monday. My sleep was all outta sorts this weekend and I think I am currently paying for it.

Friday night I didn’t get home til almost Midnight. I went to see the movie The Last Song, which to say the least I didn’t know what it was about! Then I went and go my ear pierced, yes I have had it done before, many times before, but they closed so I FINALLY got them re-done. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things and waste some time. I was meeting some friends at 9:30 for “dinner”. 9:30?!?! REALLY what was I thinking?? I wasn’t, that is all there is to it!

Saturday morning I had to get up early finish getting things ready for a Girl Scout training I had to be certified to take the kids camping! It was a fun training, mainly fire starting and cooking out in the woods. I learned a lot, we had some yummy food. I decided at that point from all the walking back and forth and carrying things the not so great food we ate was OK to eat.

I then went home to my sick hubby and accidently took a nap from 6-8 PM. So as if my not enough sleep on Friday night wasn’t bad enough I knew I was going to be up late AND that I planning to sleep in the recliner because I didn’t want to sleep with sick boy!

Sunday I went upstairs at 7 AM and striped the bed and re-made it and then took a nap for a few hours!! Then it was cleaning up around the house before going to the in-laws for a belated B-Day dinner for him. Then as always on Sunday night it was about Midnight before I could fall asleep :(

I wrote that before I left work -
I got home from work and talked the hubby into going to the park for a picnic and we ended up looking for a geo-cache too! Not the walk I was planning, but it was nice to get out for while with the hubby! And I think I am going to be going to bed early tonight!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


I am going to sign up for 2nd 5K this week. After seeing so many people post about doing them and knowing I need to get training more for my LONG walk in October I figure I should give it a whirl again! I will be sending in my paperwork later this week for Spring for the Need 5K on May 8th.

In March I walked my first times 5K and BARELY made it in under an hour. So I would like to do it again and try to finish in under 55 minutes.

As I have seen a few other people post I am concerned about finishing last. In all theory I was last at the last 5K that I did. This 5K looks to be a little on the community side and has a special start time for walkers/people with strollers so I am hoping that there will be people behind me (that don’t care where they finish!).

There it is….I have written that I am going to do it. There is no going back now!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekly Weigh In


Current Weight: 273.0 lbs
Previous Weight: 275.8 lbs
Weight loss: -2.8 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -30.6 lbs

Going back in the right direction....I want OUT of the 270's!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Things

My week isn’t going as planned, but for once I am not going to let that “stop” me and let me say, well I will do better NEXT week. Nope! Life isn’t about this week or next week, it’s about what you do RIGHT now, in the moment. I need to keep in mind that all the little things add up both good and BAD.

That being said I have been tracking all of my food, might not be as pretty as I would like, but I am doing it. I was thinking I was going to have a daily intake “goal”, but I don’t think that will work for me. I think I need to have like 2 days with some extra built in, with all the events and activities I have going on I want to do better, but not have my thoughts focus on what I “shouldn’t” have.

I haven’t got in as much exercise as I would have liked, I need more hours in a day, or maybe I need to get my body used to getting up earlier!

Today at lunch I took a 20 minute walk. I have been saying for years that I was going to that, but never have. I went to a neighborhood by my office and just started walking. My leg hurt, I didn’t HAVE to keep going, but I did. I did the route I had planned, just under a mile. It was nice!! It was good break from work, from running errands at lunch, the day to day life! I WILL have to do that again. I might not make my 7 miles of walking this week, but I almost snuck 1 in today!

Tonight is Water Aerobics class night. YEAH! I love that class, it’s fun, it goes quickly, it makes me tired, and the best thing - It makes my back feel so much better!! Even when I just wanna go home and go to bed I still go because it is the one thing that I know makes me feel better!! I hope to one day be the person who get energized from working out. As of now that is NOT me! Hopefully one day!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Randomness

*I went to my parents this weekend, as normal that was not so great on the food side of life, but I don’t get mom’s food that much anymore so I don’t feel bad.
*I got my haircut, I think it makes my face look chubby, but everyone else says it looks good?
* I went for a walk with my mom, no fast, not far and my leg was killing me again L
* It’s easier to drink water when you aren’t on the go, because then you don’t have to worry about using the facilities all the time! So it made it hard to get my water in on Sunday on the way back! But I did somehow manage!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am re-committing today to getting back on track, to be more aware of what I am eating, why I am getting it, and being more active.

The last 3 months haven’t been so great – I can’t believe it is the end of March and we are almost ¼ of the way through 2010. I haven’t made any progress on my goals for 2010, I can’t wait another day, I can’t wait til the calendar SAYS April, or Monday, or any other day!

I know I won’t be perfect, but I can still try, any little bit will help! I need to start with some small goals.

*Drink at least 60 oz of water a day
*Walk 7 miles by next Thursday night
*Do EA Active 30 day Challenge starting Monday

I think that is a good start! I will focus on a how many calories a day goal next week. For now I want to get into tracking, which that alone makes me think before I eat some things!

So here is my re-starting point:

Current Weight: 275.8 lbs
Starting Weight: 303.6 lbs
Weight loss total: -27.2 lbs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just a few random things/vents that I have had lately.

*I have lost 30 pounds since last July. I know not a HUGE amount when you consider I still need to get rid over 100 more pounds. BUT here is my thing – my husband lost about the same and EVERYONE asks him if he lost weight. Uhhhh, hello! I try not to be get upset about it. But it bothers me and he knows it. Especially since he didn’t try at allll! I also have a friend who has lost 55 since last July, she posts monthly photos to Facebook, for the longest time her only updates talked about going to the gym and how many calories she burned in a day. So of course people ALWAYS are commenting on it, asking me about how much she has lost, etc. So it is frustrating to me that NO one notices that I have. My pants are baggy, my shirts are too big, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I get rather upset about it at times. Oh well, what ya gonna do?!?!

*My next thing is how expensive all of this can be!!
Sunday was my first “official” 5K. I have done them before but they have just been for fundraisers basically. No timing, not mostly “real” runners. Boy did I feel outta place, and not just because of my chubby , slow self. I didn’t have all the cool clothes, watch, and accessories.

I have been LOOKING at stuff, and I did go out in October and buy the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought! (Mind you I am NOT a shoe person, I have like 5 pairs of shoes total.) I have been thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, but I have decided that at this point I need to be more consistant with DOING things before getting that. I have looked at clothes – but really not so easy or cheap to find in plus sizes! I did get a new pair of pants that are MUCH more comfy and normal looking to workout in than my sweats! I have an MP3 player, but not really sure how to use it. We’ll see, I am sure in the next few months as I train for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer I will be looking more into some of these items!

I am sure there are others, but I for now that is all, don’t want to depress myself anymore than I already have!

Monday, March 22, 2010


My legs and hips/lower back have been killing me all day! Really I don’t think I have had this much PAIN in them before, not sure why it is so bad.

I packed clothes this morning to go to the Y or Curve’s and workout, but half way through the day decided that those ideas might not work out so well for me. I decided instead I would go to an extra Water Aerobics class! I haven’t gone in Monday in so long I didn’t even think about it this morning. I thought with that I knew I would make myself do as much as I could and finish the hour, and it SHOULDN’T hurt as bad, and afterwards I could hit up the hot tub!

So I drove home at lunch and got my suit so I could go.

It went well, a lot of the jogging in place things hurt at first, but not as bad as I thought it would. She did a lot of hip and stretching stuff since I had said that was part of my problem. As always the hour flew by and I felt better when I was done.

I was really glad that I decided to go instead of coming home and sitting in the chair all night like I wanted to. Now to see if I can make myself do something tomorrow night! The legs are still very sore.

Off to have hubby rub them and hope they feel better tomorrow!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worthington Relay For Life 5K

This morning I took part in the Worthington Relay For Life 5K as a walker. One of my friends that I made through Relay, Laurie, was heading up this event so I signed up to help support her. And because I need to get started training for October anyway…

Of course I DIDN’T prepare for this. I had good intentions as always. But it didn’t happen and I am paying for it now.

Let’s just say that after a fun night with friends, and a not so great night of sleep when the alarm went off at 6:45 I was NOT happy. I had spent the night at Stacy’s and we had planned to leave by 8 AM, but I decided to cut my time a little close and get a little more sleep!

We got there a few minutes before the race started, I felt very outta place! I was one of the only one’s who wasn’t dressed in all the “serious” clothes and accessories. And well, I was one of the not so in shape people. I think it was a kick in the booty that I needed.

We started and not even 30 seconds into it my leg started hurting. NOT fun. I told Stacy to go ahead and go without me as she was trying for a good time and I didn’t want to hold her back because I am so slow.

It was a nice walk and a very pretty morning. By a little after the one mile mark my leg stopped hurting so I was trying to go a little faster. But I knew I was at the back of the group. Which you would think would motivate me to go faster, which it did at sometimes, but other times it just made me feel worse about myself. I was apologizing to the people at the turn around point and the end. They where very nice about it, and I wasn’t THAT far behind the people in front of me, but still felt bad.

And then the fact that I needed to pee that is alllll I could think about!!!

As I got towards the end Stacy and her friends joined me to finish, which is when I realized that I still had a chance to make it in under and hour. So I went a little faster and ended with a time of 59:20. Not great, could have done better, but I finished and in under an hour! (And officially I wasn’t last! Two people came in a couple of minutes after me!)

And for some reason I am now looking at some other upcoming 5K’s in the area…..

Monday, March 8, 2010

Evening Walk

What a nice evening it was! The sun was out, it got into the High 50’s or Low 60’s today. When I got home I decided to go a walk while the sun was still out. It was so so nice out! I tried to stay in the sun as it was a little chilly in the shade. I walked 1.44 miles in about 30 minutes, and that included some technical difficulties! My MP3 player was having issues so I decided to try to figure out how to use Pandora on my phone. I GOT it to work, but I need to figure out the way it really works and if I was doing it right. I will have to check with the hubby!

I attempted to make dinner with what little food we had in the house, it didn’t turn out so good. We SO need to go and buy some food, and hopefully some that is good for us!

Then I got the bright ideas to try out the EA Active game on the Wii. Well that didn’t go as good as I would have hoped, but I did get to do some of it. For some reason the squats weren’t showing up right when I did them. But overall I am liking it and once I get past the technical difficulties and not doing it an hour after walking for the first time in awhile I will be good to go!!

I am trying to get back into the swing of things, but it is going slowly. I need to get organized. Get food in the house and at work, get more space in the living room to play the Wii.

It is crazy how clutter and disorganization in life effects you in so many different ways.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It’s so easy

To fall off the wagon, to go back to “old” ways, to eat fast food or go to restaurants.

Yeah it has been a no so good last week for me on the food front. I keep saying, tomorrow, tomorrow. I sucked it up and went to the store last night. I needed food to eat for breakfast and so we could make dinner at home. Even if it isn’t the BEST option it is better than what I would order out!!

I weighed in last Thursday and I was down a little over ONE pound in a month. Yes I know the time included the holiday, but wowwwwie, kinda a reality check. (Too bad it didn’t work!)

But today I am “starting” over, no more tomorrow!!!

I had an English muffin for breakfast, brought some chicken to have for lunch, I am headed back into the right direction!!

Off to enter what I have eaten today in my phone, it’s a great tool WHEN I use it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ouch, ouch, ouch

I fell like I am going to die today! Every move I make HURTS!

Yesterday I decided that since I was already at the Y doing my Water Class I should stay and check out the Strength and Tone Express class. It did SOUND like a good idea when I thought it.

I went to the class and must have had the I have no clue what I am doing look on my face because the instructor came over and asked if I was there for class. She was nice and showed me and helped me get all the things we would use during the class. She also said since I was new and there are different levels of people there if I couldn't do things with the weights to just try and do them without.

I made it through the class, BARELY, but if it wold have been any loner I am not so sure I would have.

I was able to do a version of most everything, or at least TRIED!

After the class one of the other students came up and said good job on making it through the class that many people come and leave halfway through. (I'll admit that made me kinda happy!)

I would go back again, but I am not sure when I will be able to as the times it is offered won't work for me for the next few weeks.

I didn't feel to bad last night, but after sleeping I am SO sore. Places I didn't know could be sore are. I need to get up and moving soon to at least stretch it out some. Hoping that will make it feel better!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weigh In

For the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge we are supposed to weigh in on Wednesday. I don’t use my scales at home. I typically weigh in on Thursday nights at my weekly T.O.P.S meeting, so I will be posting my weekly weigh in’s after that , but this week it was cancelled due to weather. We haven’t had a meeting now for 3 weeks because of the holidays and the weather, and I am going to miss next week due to being out of town. So I went to Curve’s tonight to weigh in there. The last time I weighed in there was 11/30 and I am down 2.5 since then. Doesn’t sound like much but with the holidays and everything that went along with them I will take it and be VERY happy!!!

Project “Me”

This Project was given to us on Monday as homework for the week. I has been great today seeing what others have said, seeing that you aren’t the only one with these thoughts and problems.

I have always been overweight since I can remember. And I think that I am one of the odd ones who really doesn’t care what other people think of me for the way I look. But I would like to be more healthy and I would like to be smaller, but even “my” goal weight is so much more than so many people.

What about 2009 (and beyond) did not work?
I will start next week because I this, that, or the other this week. An all of nothing attitude.

What were my goals?
I didn’t set any.

Did I fall short of achieving them? If so, why?
Since I had always fallen short in the past it was easier to just not make them anymore.

What were my biggest obstacles?
Me making the time and being lazy. The time to prepare healthy food, the time to exercise – I could always find something else I would rather do. Or a reason to not do it.

Eating out – I had a lot of evening meetings so we would go to dinner. And I like to eat. My biggest downfall is appetizers and meals. I don’t really eat a lot of desserts and snacks, but I love my bread, pasta, and salad with lotso dressing!

What were my patterns?
To try, have an off day and that one day would snowball, and give up.

What was my “rock bottom” moment?
It was really a moment but a month of small things. Pictures, flights, clothes being to0 tight.

What are my bad habits?
Social eating, every event revolving around the food.

What has worked?
Weight Watchers, journaling what I eat. Allowing myself on “free” evening a week.

Here is to a weekend of not letting myself over indulge on the party yummies!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Avon Walk For Breast Cancer

Today's topic for Fitness Friday is Team In Training. To bad I am JUST seeing this as this is something I have always wanted to do. But I am already signed up to walk the Avon 2 Day Walk For Breast Cancer in October!! You have to raise $1,800 to be able to walk, so I think I already have my hands full for 2010.

2 of my friends and I will be heading south to Charlotte, NC to participate in this 2 day walk. You can either walk a half or full marathon the first day and then a half on the next day.

I am just starting my training for this so I hope I can make it!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for Challenge

For the First Thursday 3 we are supposed to set Goals for ourselves. I am listing mine below.

Write down 3 goals you have for yourself for this challenge

1. I will work out at least 5 times a week

2. I will drink 64 oz of water a day.

3. I will journal everything I eat.

Track your goals

I am entering my info into my phone/Fat Secret.

Come up with a NON-FOOD reward for yourself when you hit your challenge goals

I will get a massage.