Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenges #2

Yesterday they announced the challenges for week two of the Shrinkvivor contest.

Fitness Challenge – Keep track of minutes of exercise. I like this one! With miles it was hard because I am a rather slow walker, and some days I didn’t get home to walk while it was light out, and I am not prepared to walk in the dark yet. So minutes will be nice because I can do the Wii if it is dark or rainy. And my walking won’t seem as pathetic!

So here is my plan.
Thursday - 30 Minutes of Wii
Friday - 1 hour walking
Saturday - 1 hour walking
Sunday - 3 hours walking
Monday - 30 minutes of Wii
Tuesday - 1 hour walking, 30 Minuets of Wii

Non-Fitness Challenge – To not go through the Drive Thru. Another one of my major problems! I forget my lunch, or decide I don’t want it so I go at lunch. I have a meeting or something after work so I just stop and pick something up in the evenings. This will be a good one for me to focus on this week. I will say that I am making an exception for my Diet Coke on Saturday and on Monday. I have been wanting my Mickey D’s Diet Coke ALL week but have been waiting to pick one up on my way to a party on Saturday night.

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