Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Things

My week isn’t going as planned, but for once I am not going to let that “stop” me and let me say, well I will do better NEXT week. Nope! Life isn’t about this week or next week, it’s about what you do RIGHT now, in the moment. I need to keep in mind that all the little things add up both good and BAD.

That being said I have been tracking all of my food, might not be as pretty as I would like, but I am doing it. I was thinking I was going to have a daily intake “goal”, but I don’t think that will work for me. I think I need to have like 2 days with some extra built in, with all the events and activities I have going on I want to do better, but not have my thoughts focus on what I “shouldn’t” have.

I haven’t got in as much exercise as I would have liked, I need more hours in a day, or maybe I need to get my body used to getting up earlier!

Today at lunch I took a 20 minute walk. I have been saying for years that I was going to that, but never have. I went to a neighborhood by my office and just started walking. My leg hurt, I didn’t HAVE to keep going, but I did. I did the route I had planned, just under a mile. It was nice!! It was good break from work, from running errands at lunch, the day to day life! I WILL have to do that again. I might not make my 7 miles of walking this week, but I almost snuck 1 in today!

Tonight is Water Aerobics class night. YEAH! I love that class, it’s fun, it goes quickly, it makes me tired, and the best thing - It makes my back feel so much better!! Even when I just wanna go home and go to bed I still go because it is the one thing that I know makes me feel better!! I hope to one day be the person who get energized from working out. As of now that is NOT me! Hopefully one day!!

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