Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worthington Relay For Life 5K

This morning I took part in the Worthington Relay For Life 5K as a walker. One of my friends that I made through Relay, Laurie, was heading up this event so I signed up to help support her. And because I need to get started training for October anyway…

Of course I DIDN’T prepare for this. I had good intentions as always. But it didn’t happen and I am paying for it now.

Let’s just say that after a fun night with friends, and a not so great night of sleep when the alarm went off at 6:45 I was NOT happy. I had spent the night at Stacy’s and we had planned to leave by 8 AM, but I decided to cut my time a little close and get a little more sleep!

We got there a few minutes before the race started, I felt very outta place! I was one of the only one’s who wasn’t dressed in all the “serious” clothes and accessories. And well, I was one of the not so in shape people. I think it was a kick in the booty that I needed.

We started and not even 30 seconds into it my leg started hurting. NOT fun. I told Stacy to go ahead and go without me as she was trying for a good time and I didn’t want to hold her back because I am so slow.

It was a nice walk and a very pretty morning. By a little after the one mile mark my leg stopped hurting so I was trying to go a little faster. But I knew I was at the back of the group. Which you would think would motivate me to go faster, which it did at sometimes, but other times it just made me feel worse about myself. I was apologizing to the people at the turn around point and the end. They where very nice about it, and I wasn’t THAT far behind the people in front of me, but still felt bad.

And then the fact that I needed to pee that is alllll I could think about!!!

As I got towards the end Stacy and her friends joined me to finish, which is when I realized that I still had a chance to make it in under and hour. So I went a little faster and ended with a time of 59:20. Not great, could have done better, but I finished and in under an hour! (And officially I wasn’t last! Two people came in a couple of minutes after me!)

And for some reason I am now looking at some other upcoming 5K’s in the area…..

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