Monday, March 22, 2010


My legs and hips/lower back have been killing me all day! Really I don’t think I have had this much PAIN in them before, not sure why it is so bad.

I packed clothes this morning to go to the Y or Curve’s and workout, but half way through the day decided that those ideas might not work out so well for me. I decided instead I would go to an extra Water Aerobics class! I haven’t gone in Monday in so long I didn’t even think about it this morning. I thought with that I knew I would make myself do as much as I could and finish the hour, and it SHOULDN’T hurt as bad, and afterwards I could hit up the hot tub!

So I drove home at lunch and got my suit so I could go.

It went well, a lot of the jogging in place things hurt at first, but not as bad as I thought it would. She did a lot of hip and stretching stuff since I had said that was part of my problem. As always the hour flew by and I felt better when I was done.

I was really glad that I decided to go instead of coming home and sitting in the chair all night like I wanted to. Now to see if I can make myself do something tomorrow night! The legs are still very sore.

Off to have hubby rub them and hope they feel better tomorrow!

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