Friday, April 2, 2010


I am going to sign up for 2nd 5K this week. After seeing so many people post about doing them and knowing I need to get training more for my LONG walk in October I figure I should give it a whirl again! I will be sending in my paperwork later this week for Spring for the Need 5K on May 8th.

In March I walked my first times 5K and BARELY made it in under an hour. So I would like to do it again and try to finish in under 55 minutes.

As I have seen a few other people post I am concerned about finishing last. In all theory I was last at the last 5K that I did. This 5K looks to be a little on the community side and has a special start time for walkers/people with strollers so I am hoping that there will be people behind me (that don’t care where they finish!).

There it is….I have written that I am going to do it. There is no going back now!!!

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