Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Blah's

I am so tired today, worse than a normal Monday. My sleep was all outta sorts this weekend and I think I am currently paying for it.

Friday night I didn’t get home til almost Midnight. I went to see the movie The Last Song, which to say the least I didn’t know what it was about! Then I went and go my ear pierced, yes I have had it done before, many times before, but they closed so I FINALLY got them re-done. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things and waste some time. I was meeting some friends at 9:30 for “dinner”. 9:30?!?! REALLY what was I thinking?? I wasn’t, that is all there is to it!

Saturday morning I had to get up early finish getting things ready for a Girl Scout training I had to be certified to take the kids camping! It was a fun training, mainly fire starting and cooking out in the woods. I learned a lot, we had some yummy food. I decided at that point from all the walking back and forth and carrying things the not so great food we ate was OK to eat.

I then went home to my sick hubby and accidently took a nap from 6-8 PM. So as if my not enough sleep on Friday night wasn’t bad enough I knew I was going to be up late AND that I planning to sleep in the recliner because I didn’t want to sleep with sick boy!

Sunday I went upstairs at 7 AM and striped the bed and re-made it and then took a nap for a few hours!! Then it was cleaning up around the house before going to the in-laws for a belated B-Day dinner for him. Then as always on Sunday night it was about Midnight before I could fall asleep :(

I wrote that before I left work -
I got home from work and talked the hubby into going to the park for a picnic and we ended up looking for a geo-cache too! Not the walk I was planning, but it was nice to get out for while with the hubby! And I think I am going to be going to bed early tonight!!!

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