Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan Week 2

My first week of planning a meal plan for the week and NOT eating out for dinner went fairly well. We didn’t stick to what we had planned every night, but we did eat MOST of the things on the list and didn’t eat out Sunday - Friday for dinner! That might not sound like much for some people but for us (ME) it is!! Normally I pick up pizza every Wednesday evening, and we end up going out at least one other night. If I don’t have plans and ideas of what to make it is all to overwhelming to me so I just order/go out.

Tuesday evening I did end up going to meeting that had appetizers and desserts. I ate a little before I went and tried to limit what I ate while there. These kind of things pop up frequently for me, so I just have to do the best I can and move on.

So this week I have planned the following -
Monday - Wendy’s most likely - I go straight to a meeting and don’t get home til almost 9 PM
Tuesday - Chicken Parm
Wednesday - Taco’s
Thursday - Brats
Friday - Lasagna
Saturday - Going out, I won’t be in town
Sunday – Pizza

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