Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Where to start? Between being away from the computer for a few days and my HORRIBLE weigh in last week I have been slacking here!

Last Thursday was my weigh in. It was awful - I gained over 3 pounds. I haven't put the update up yet because I didn't write it down and only remember that it was over 3 pounds. I will get the correct weight tomorrow and update both weeks. I was mad, sad, surprised, and I am sure many more emotions. I went home for the first time since I started going to TOPS last August. I was surprised with how MUCH I gained, I could see gaining SOME, but I don't think that ate that bad. Maybe a week of NOT tracking what I ate wasn't a good idea?!?!

On Friday I went to the Dr. for my leg pain. I had tried things I had seen on-line and still hurt when I would walk for any distance with any speed. I was a little disappointed in what he did. Pretty much he looked at it, felt it and then gave me a prescription for Naproxen and a sheet of exercises and sent me on my way. I know I'm not the Dr. but I guess I thought he would do a little more.

Then I headed to my parents for the weekend. My brother, sister-in-law, and niece came up for a funeral for my sister-in-laws grandfather and they extended his leave. So I went to see them, it was great to see my niece!! I miss her so much since the moved!!!

I did pretty good for a weekend of not much structure and visiting my parents. But I did keep track of what I ate, which made me not eat that extra brownie I wanted!!!

I started taking the pills the Dr. gave me at lunch yesterday. Last night I did the exercises/stretches that he gave me and went out for a short 30 minute walk. (It was getting cold!!) Normally in that time frame it would have been KILLING me - but last night it didn't. I had a few dull pains every now and then but not like before. So we will see if this is helping, I won't say after one time that I am all better. But it is a GREAT start!!

I also decided to give the Wii a try again last night after almost a week off. It went pretty well but I was having some technical difficulties so I stopped ¾ of the way through it. We are going to work on it tonight and see if we can get it to work better. It doesn't register some of my stuff and I can't figure out why, but to say the least last night was not the night to try and figure it out!!!

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