Friday, April 16, 2010

Menu Plan

I was VERY happy that I lost 5 pounds at weigh in last night. I KNOW that isn’t normal for me, but with the big gain the week before it was much appreciated!!!

Now to keep moving in that direction to get out of the 270’s, where I have been hanging out for too long!

One thing that I know helped me in the last week was not eating out as much. So I am currently working on a menu for the week. I am not going to say these are the healthiest foods, but it is a start.

Monday - BBQ Chicken Pizza
Tuesday – Grilled Chicken
Wednesday - Beef Sandwiches
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - Lasagna
Saturday - Brats
Sunday - Chicken Parm

Now I need to see what all we have, what we need and head to the store to get everything. I think my Sunday if going to be busy!!!

I just did something SO unlike me – I turned down the chance to go in on pizza for lunch. Yes I want pizza, but I am supposed to be going out this evening and I know I will want to eat some foods there and I think it will be mostly appetizery stuff. So I will pass on the pizza, especially since we didn’t find anyone to pay for it for us. I don’t feel the need to spend $7 AND all the calories on it. I know, that is bad, but it is what it is.

For me it is the SMALL things like that I have to do to get me through the day.

So I will go eat my food that I had packed and I’ll be good with it!!

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  1. Congrats on your loss for the week! That's awesome. Passing up pizza for lunch is a big thing. Be proud of the fact that you did it. We've got to celebrate the small things too :-)