Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 2

I did it!!! I did more than Day 1 AND I did all of the activities!

I liked MOST of Day 2 better than Day 2. I did have problems with the butt kick things when they wanted me to go fast. My body was hurting and I could barely do them slow let alone fast. But I tired!

I was relieved at the end when I saw that today was a day off, I thought it was 30 days straight so I am happy for the break. I have water aerobics tonight anyways so I wasn’t looking forward to going home and then trying do to another exercise.

I finally called the Dr. today and made an appt for Friday to see what he thinks about my leg pain. I have had it for years and I am not sure how I will manage 13 or 26 miles if it keeps up. So hopefully he will be able to help me figure out what the deal with it is.

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